Crystal Lantern stage LED display “Hundred Flowers” welcomes the market

P5 stage track mobile LED display

In recent years, with the change of the market for rental performing arts, the LED display has also been continuously optimized and evolved, especially in the stage background screen. It is widely used in theaters, television stage backgrounds, wedding stage, star concert stage and other fields.Jingrant leases the stage track opening and closing screen device to increase the personality and creativity of the stage dance beauty industry. The screen is mainly divided into: one is the screen part, and the other is the electric slide rail expansion system. The gap between the track screen is intuitive and seamless. The expansion distance and expansion speed can be adjusted in millimeters. The screen has a good anti-noise effect during the opening and closing process. Pan and slide stability. The mechanical operation of the electric track opening and closing system is realized by remote control and manual methods, which can be freely changed and combined freely (front opening and closing / left and right closing / up and down opening and closing). The perfect combination of Jingrante LED display and stage lighting, completely Meet the personalized needs of different dance design.

At present, Jinglant Technology has placed multiple track stage LED screen projects in Anhui, Xinjiang, Zhejiang and other places at the same time. During the intense construction at the same time, where did Zhao Gong from the Ministry of Technology know that the customer gave Jinglant’s stage opening and closing screens? High recognition and high evaluation, which gives us greater confidence and we will work hard to do better!

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