Crystalland small pitch reveals Shenzhen military forces

Speaking of the army, it is a solemn and sacred place in everyone’s impression. The army has its own style and its own characteristics, so many people think that the army will not have modern and fashionable elements. In fact, the army needs to keep pace with the times. Keeping track of the policies and guidelines of the party and government can always strengthen domestic demand and escort the country. Recently, a Shenzhen military unit and our company signed a high-end P1.667 indoor full-color display to enrich the soldiers’ study and life. The army not only has strict requirements for soldiers, strict discipline requirements, but also meticulous requirements for facilities and equipment.

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In fact, this small pitch manufactured by our company not only inherits the advantages of LED screens without seams, wide color gamut, high brightness, etc., but also effectively overcomes technical problems such as low brightness, high gray, and high refresh rate, which can restore ultra-high gray The delicate screen ensures the accurate display of digital signals, graphic information, and text information, and meets the high standards of color, brightness, and clarity for army combat command and video conference display.

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   It is precisely with the technical advantages of ultra-thin cabinets, seamless splicing, high stability, and realistic picture quality. At present, our small-pitch LED has achieved a lot in the military field, and has been implemented in all departments of major military regions. Quite a few successful cases have been put into operation.


The application of small-pitch LED displays in the field of indoor high-definition display shows a very attractive prospect. With the improvement of small-pitch display technology and the price reduction, it is foreseeable that future combat command systems and video conferences based on small-pitch LED screens The system will be used more and more in the field of militarization to help the army’s information construction.

Information visualization plays a very important role in the daily training and operational command of the army. The real-time graphical performance of massive information on the large-screen display system provides strong support for decision-making and provides efficient and rapid communication and feedback for commanders. In recent years, the small-pitch LED display technology has gradually matured and improved, and is increasingly used in army building.

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