General Asked Questions

Usually, it takes 20 to 30 days for mass production. If the required products are in stock, then we can arrange shipment right away.

Yes, almost any shape.Sometimes it requires to source custom make components to make an unusual shape and there are extra charges.

Yes, we have screens for both indoor and outdoor. Usually, for outdoor screens, the pixel pitch, brightness, IP Rate is different. We need analyse the environment to choose the correct product with appropriate technique parameters or it might go wrong later in use.

Yes, we have different installation options, usually the popular installation options are:
Inlay installation, Wall mount installation, Suspended installation, Pillar installation. We could suggest the most cost effective and safe installation method for your projects.

Our LED screens usually come with Nova sending and receiving cards, together with Nova LED control system. To learn more, you can visit: https://www.novastar.tech/.

Our popular LED screen module sizes are: 128*128mm, 192*192mm, 240*240mm, 256*128mm, 320*160mm, 384*192mm. Module size for rental screens is 250mm*250mm. Our popular cabinet sizes are: 480*480mm, 500*500mm, 576*576mm, 768*768mm, 960*800mm and 1000*1000mm. For each pixel pitch, there are several module sizes. Some product need an unusual screen size. For such a project, we could customize the cabinet size to fit the required screen size. The MOQ for a custom cabinet size usually is 20 square meters.

Yes please go to our download page to download our product brochures.

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