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The black screen of the LED display screen is not a big deal, and it does not cause any hidden dangers of casualties, but it brings a lot of distress to end customers and renters, especially in the live broadcast of large-scale events such as the Olympic Games and film festivals, the black screen of the LED display screen affects worst If it is larger, it may even cause an irreversible live broadcast accident. End customers, lessors, and LED display companies will therefore suffer a lot of losses, especially for lessors and LED display companies, which may even affect the loss of important customers and affect future cooperation.

Therefore, the black screen problem of LED displays is an urgent problem to be solved in the industry. What are the factors that cause the black screen failure of the led display?

How to solve it?

2015 Beijing Film Festival “Black Screen Accident”

At the 5th Beijing International Film Festival in 2015, Dapeng’s new work “Pancake Man” won the most popular IP award on the Internet. However, when Dapeng delivered his acceptance speech, part of the LED display behind suddenly went black, which resulted in some materials prepared by the program group not being able to be displayed completely. Not only did Dapeng lose half of his head, but he had prepared with the on-site guest Huang Xiaoming ten years ago. The group photo cannot be fully displayed, which is quite disappointing.

2016 “China’s New Song” Bird’s Nest Finals “Black Screen Accident”

On the evening of October 7th, the finals of “China’s New Song” kicked off at the Bird’s Nest. The auxiliary screen on the left side of the stage at the beginning failed, and some black screens appeared.

Harnesses, terminals, connectors for AC power distribution, wiring harnesses and connectors for signal and low-voltage DC connections, switching power supply modules, fans, and plastic shell components. If these interfaces, cables, power supplies, and bottom casings are not selected properly, the LED display will be black-screened as a whole or in part, blurred screen, mosaic, and no signal.

The Solder joints, capacitors, terminals, LED lights, and the accumulation of water leakage and dust on the PCBA caused by insufficient protection level of the box body, corrosion of external leakage screws, hardware and hardware, and control board cards. It will all sum up to cause the LED display no operative and having issues like the blackness of full or less screen or the pixel get very high form some sides other sides remaining dull which will cause the contrast, lack of pixel colors, etc. If the fault occurs in the firmware or in the control card, the display image If there is a problem with the control card or software, the image display will go berserk.

Typically, you don’t see the display causing trouble anytime soon after the new buy. But there are exceptions everywhere, so in some, it is possible that the display goes uncontrollable at the very first time or soon after the buy. So if you got your screen black soon then it may be caused by the improper installation or by the improper environment. For instance, it could be black as quickly as it is switched on, or it may become black at the time of start-up for some seconds.

For the black screen phenomenon caused by power problems, the main solutions are:

  1. Establish quality standards, make some spare parts for the display power supply, and reduce the failure rate of shipments.
  2. Improve design parameters and improve power efficiency; for example, full load efficiency, reduce ripple, reduce temperature rise, and retain more than 30% of power redundancy.
  3. Enforce strict production control, enhance production technology used, and make certain product batches consistent.
  4. For activities or events with excessive loads on the stability of the led display, add some extra strength-related attributes to make it confident that the screen will never go black. for instance, you can use a power supply that doesn’t require maintenance which will substantially enhance the reliability of the supply of the display; with the use of a clever power supply, You will be notified automatically when a fault occurs and other power supplies in the system will adjust themselves accordingly to ensure the screen doesn’t go black again.

So here are some solutions listed below to ensure that your screen doesn’t go black during its operation:

  1. Please make sure that each piece of hardware of the display is switched on correctly. (+5V, do not connect reversely or wrongly)
  2. Take a look at and verify again and again whether or not the serial cable used to attach the controller is unfastened or loose, if so, please tighten it. (if it turns black at some stage in the loading operation, it is probably due to the communication process which is interrupted because of the looseness of the wire that’s why the display goes black. Check it out by hand, it’s important if you want a quick fix). Check it out by hand, it’s important if you want a quick fix.)
  3. Test and affirm whether the screen and the hub distribution board connected with the principle board are tight and whether or not they are connected in the right manner or not.
  4. Check and affirm whether or not the 50-pin cable between the control card and the hub distribution board is unfastened or inserted inaccurately.
  5. In case your screen interface definition no longer matches the supplied hub board, a black screen may appear, so kindly check your wires whether they are loose, short, or open circuits. (it is strongly endorsed to use a hub distribution board that suits the definition of the screen interface). if the above aspects are cautiously checked, the black display screen problem can be solved naturally and effortlessly.
  6. There are tons of causes for a screen black, however, the most common cause is a failure within the power supply. Usually, a screen receives power from different resources and the fault can be anywhere among these resources. Whilst such components may also sound a chunk complex, actually, they are simple to repair.  

The daily maintenance of the LED display is a job that must be done well. Only by taking precautions and paying attention to daily maintenance can better protect the LED display.

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