Adhesive Transparent Film Screen P4-8

Adhesive Transparent Film Screen P4-8

Product P4-8
Item Number MT4
LED Size/ SMD2121Custom Made
Scan Mode Stastic
Resolution (dot/m2) 31,250
Brightness(CD/m2) ≤5000
Power supply Hang Xiu 200w400W
Receiving card Colorlight
Item Number MT4 Category
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LED transparent film screen is mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall, curved glass curtain wall, with the characteristics of high transparency and ultra-thin. It can be bent and cut arbitrarily, and the size can be customized according to the application scene. It is easy to install and can be directly installed inside and outside the building glass curtain wall without structural blocking, and will not affect the original structure, appearance, and indoor lighting of the building. Film screen has obvious technical advantages in application scenarios such as glass curtain wall.

LED transparent film screen, mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall, used to display high-definition pictures, with high transparency, ultra-thin characteristics. The traditional LED display is installed on the exterior wall of the building, completely blocking the indoor light. The weight of the screen itself tests the safety of the building itself, and may also affect the appearance of the building itself. The transparent LED film screen is integrated with the building in appearance, does not affect the original style of the building, and does not affect the lighting of the building. It has the characteristics of light weight and thin screen body, and has obvious technical advantages in the field of architectural media.

  1. LED lamp bead bare die ball mounting technology
  2. The light board is made of hollow glass fiber board, and the vacuum sealing process is used after the components are pasted on the surface.
  3. It can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without damaging the original structure of the building
  4. The permeability can reach 85%. The screen is invisible when not playing, and does not affect indoor lighting. When viewed from a distance, the installation traces of the screen cannot be seen.
  • Ultra-thin, with a thickness of 3.97 mm and a weight of only 4-6 kg per square meter.
  • Bending, can meet the design needs of different venues. Bendable and cambered building curtain wall.
  • Supports arbitrary cropping, and can be cropped into various sizes according to the required size, without affecting the display effect.

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