Transparent Led Screen JS2.6-9

Transparent Led Screen JS2.6-9

Product P2.6-9.644
Item Number JS2.6-9
LED Size/ SMD1921/Nation Star
Scan Mode 1/12
Resolution (dot/m2) 55,296
Brightness(CD/m2) 5000-5500
IC Configuration SM16218N/MY9866
Cabinet Size 1000*500
Weight(kg/ m²) 7.5
Power supply 400W
Receiving card mooncell
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Due to the objective performance of traditional screens such as opaqueness and airtightness, it has caused many problems such as excessive screen body, poor heat dissipation, redundant structure, high power consumption, and abrupt shape. LED transparent display came into being.

Transparent LED screen has the characteristics of high light transmittance, high brightness, small footprint, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection. Due to the different point spacing of the transparent LED screen, the light transmittance can reach 60-90%, and the brightness exceeds 3000cd. The lens effect makes the glass maintain the function of lighting perspective, and the LED lights can hardly be seen from a distance, which makes the lighting of the glass curtain wall ineffective. Affected.

The steel frame of the transparent LED screen has a simple structure, convenient maintenance and strong controllability. It can not only be connected to the computer, graphics card, and remote control through the network cable, but also can be controlled by remote cluster wireless to change the display content at any time, which brings great benefits to users. convenient.

Through the cool video display of the transparent LED screen, it can attract the attention of the incoming and outgoing passengers, enhance the attention of the store, and enhance the image of the brand, so as to promote the sales of the merchants. Therefore, whether it is a commercial complex, a shopping mall, a 4S shop, or a window, the SLR is a place with glass, and it is a market where transparent LED screens exist.

Transparent LED screen has opened up a new application scene and has excellent advertising value.

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