Transparent LED Screen P3.91-7.82 JS3.91

Transparent LED Screen P3.91-7.82 JS3.91

Product P3.91-7.82
Item Number JS3.91
LED Size/ SMD2020 Normal Light
Scan Mode 1/16
Resolution (dot/m2) 32,768
Brightness(CD/m2) 800-1000
IC Configuration SSOP-ICN2038s
Cabinet Size 1000*1000
Weight(kg/ m²) 7.5
Power supply 300W/400W
Receiving card mooncell
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LED transparent screens can be attached to the glass very naturally and hung on the glass keel, which is its best companion. When the screen is not lit, it hardly affects the overall appearance design and the building’s transparent lighting; when it is lit, the glass becomes an LED screen, which can play graphics and videos, and the colors are gorgeous, the picture is lifelike, and it has its own 3D effect. The combination of high technology and artistry makes LED transparent screens popular.

In fact, now users still have certain requirements for the reductive pursuit of things. In the past, when conventional LED displays were installed on building walls, there was no difference during the bright screen period, but closing the screen was abrupt, affecting the appearance of the wall. The appearance of the LED ice screen is an upgrade of the LED display products by the LED display manufacturers in response to this criticism. The transparency of the led ice screen is as high as 80%, and the presence of the screen cannot be seen from the outside, which does not affect the appearance of the building. Moreover, the led ice screen has good heat dissipation, which is also lacking in the conventional outdoor LED large screen, and the safety is more guaranteed.

The specific cost of the transparent screen depends on the installation environment and the quality of the screen. It is recommended to find a business for the details of the consultation fee. You make a list of quotations, when the cost is clear.

How much is one square meter of led transparent screen? The prices of the source manufacturers and the dealers are different, especially the brand lamp beads are different. The price difference of one square meter can reach thousands of dollars. It is conceivable how good the screen quality is. If you need LED transparent price quotation, please feel free to contact our customer service. We can provide free videos, cases, and solutions for your reference.

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