Transparent Led Screens P3.91-7.82

Transparent Led Screens P3.91-7.82

Product P3.91-7.82
Item Number AS3.91
LED Size/ SMD3512/Nation Star
Scan Mode 1/8
Resolution (dot/m2) 32,768
Brightness(CD/m2) 4500-5500
IC Configuration INC2038S/MY9868
Cabinet Size 1000*500
Weight(kg/ m²) 7.5
Power supply Hang Xiu 400W
Receiving card mooncell
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Full-color high transparency LED display is a new generation of LED display products which innovated by Kinglight LED. It can ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture without affecting the lighting and aesthetics of the installation location.

It is designed with the box size of 1000X500, can display any shape of display body in any direction with any size. At the same time, the standard display size design makes the displayed image uncompressed, clear and true, presents perfect visual effects, simple installation, and bright colors. It has become the preferred LED display product for glass windows! Unlimited creativity and lead the trend!



Item NumberAS3.91AS10.4
LED SizeSMD3512/Nation StarSMD3512/Nation Star
Scan Mode1/81/2
Resolution (dot/m2)327689216
IC ConfigurationINC2038S/MY9868INC2038S/MY9868
Cabinet Size1000*5001000*500
Weight(kg/ m²)7.57.5
Power supplyHang Xiu 400WHang Xiu 400W
Receiving cardmooncellmooncell

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