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LED ceiling screen

People say it’s not practically viable to reap the magic but have you ever heard of Ceiling LED Screens? In case, you consider that magic isn’t always possible, you likely haven’t heard of the same.

So what’s the ceiling led screen?

A Ceiling LED Screen is usually used to display videos of steep graphics that are typically mounted on the ceiling of the premises or on a ceiling of commercial aisles. this video display consists of marvelous sound and stunning lights and designs in an effort to deliver you a sensational experience.

It has an appealing impact, at first sight, usually, the ceilings of the premises are blank or consist of the traditional LED lights but what if we can use ceilings to allure the public and install this magical gadget i.e. Transparent LED screen above the heads of the public. Their brightness and magnificent effect will captivate the attention of the by-passers and make them see the visuals playing on these screens.

As the name suggests “Transparent”, hence it can give a transparent effect when it is powered on, It also has attributes like heterogeneous shape, light weight which is why its weight is about 7 Kg/㎡, which gives ceiling screens a remarkable 35% of the weight of the traditional LED ceiling screen and supports ceiling hoisting. In addition, fixed installation and other installation methods. The special effects of simulating the sky, sea, snow, etc., can perfectly create a different and beautiful experience. In a very short period of about some years, these fantastic gadgets gains such a charismatic attraction in the commercial display world that no other LEDs did.

Compared with the traditional LED display projects, the major transparent screen manufacturers of LED transparent screens have very strict requirements on product technology and installation and maintenance. From design, manufacturing engineering installation, etc., the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer has been tested. In addition, the use of materials, construction methods, control properties, technical structure, construction, and maintenance are all demanding.

LED Ceiling

So, what are the technical requirements for the application of transparent LED screens?

  1. Thin and transparent

Since the projection area of ​​the LED ceiling, the transparent screen is usually large, it can be installed by hoisting, and the weight of the LED transparent screen is almost negligible for the load-bearing capacity of the building ceiling. Therefore, the transparent design of the LED sky screen transparent screen is easier to integrate into the scene. In addition, the transparent LED screen is beautiful in design, and with the special-shaped design concept, it can achieve the effect of an artistic display.

  1. Easy to use

The operation is simpler. The transparent LED screen can be controlled wirelessly through our usual mobile phones and tablets, or it can be controlled by a computer to change the playback content at any time. The operation is simple. The use of the transparent screen includes maintenance, debugging, and use. The lightweight product design reduces the cost of the installation and maintenance process of the subsequent canopy transparent screen project, thus making the subsequent maintenance process of the entire project more efficient.

  1. Standard Modular and Creative Design

In order to meet the needs of the installation scene structure, the transparent LED sky screen is usually matched with a conventional 1000*500 box with a special-shaped box. The multi-element design scheme highlights the unique effect of the sky curtain, which can greatly attract the attention of tourists, and achieve an indoor-like outdoor effect. With a variety of effects, you can feel the time and space shuttle experience in an instant.

LED ceiling screen

Attributes of a ceiling-led:

  1. A Ceiling led display screen can be effortlessly prolonged in a huge area, unlike an LCD.
  2. The ceiling-LED wall is lightweight and has an easy set-up.
  3. It has the ability to curve aside from smooth set-up,
  4. Ceiling-led walls can also be mounted with both concave or convex configurations.

Application of the Ceiling-LED display:

  1. Ceiling LED displays are installed on many sites, typically they are installed in shopping malls and places where the footfall is towering or where most commercial activities are done so they are highly effective in order to attract customers.
  1. Recognized brands lean toward the transparent ceiling-led display to lure clients with the product they are promoting.
  1. Gigantic screens with vibrant photographs charms their attention, which increases the possibility to be seen and boosts revenue.
  1. High-end lodges around the globe also love to be innovative through the use of ceiling-led displays. They want to allure the guest’s attention using this m magical gadget.
  1. Ceiling LEDs are also observed on business-related aisles or found at places where the common interest of the public is associated.
  1. In addition, they like to make it available at starry night to provide leisure to the public.

Benefits of the Ceiling-LED:

  1. Enduring

LCD typically has a fashionable operation that lasts about 12 months and a 1/2; after that, you can replace it. But, the ceiling-led wall can last as long as 5 years. They are more eco-friendly than LCD which typically makes use of bulbs. So with this gadget, you save more money and time on maintenance to keep it and your pocket fit.

  1. Saves energy

It saves lots of money by shorting your electricity bills; it uses less amount of energy compared to traditional LEDs. Hence, it is pocket friendly too.

  1. High-grade Image quality

The contrast of the screen can reach a steep level of vibrant colors. It is far claimed that led ceilings are preferable to traditional billboards.

  1. Lucrative

The traditional methods of advertisement use stationary boards with the same image all over the month but with the befall of the Ceiling LEDs You can now use live moving images and videos to promote your product with its fascinating transparent effect and sensational audio quality. Therefore, with these qualities in their bag, they can attract customers towards it.

LED sky screen transparent screen has been widely used in the market. Sky screen transparent screen is lighter, more transparent, and more innovative display effect! You can view the blue sky and white clouds in good lighting conditions. At night, beautiful videos can be played under the bright starry sky, accompanied by wonderful sound effects, bringing people a magnificent visual feast experience.

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